Hours after She was Created, they were Married…


The story of creation is a very wonderful story. According to the first story of creation, God created heaven and earth, the oceans, rivers, mountains, fruit bearing and non-fruit bearing trees and plants, mammals of all kinds, sea and fresh water creatures, the birds of the sky, sea birds, reptiles. In short every living and non-living thing, He created. He also created man.

In the second story of creation, God creates man from the dust of the earth, breathes life giving air into him, and brings all the animals that he has created to him and every word that the man exclaims as the animals go pass him, that becomes their name. So elephants, lions, whales, dolphins etc were named. God created a garden with all kinds of fruit trees and beautiful flowers and berries, with streams and birds singing from the trees. It was a very beautiful garden. God placed the man in the garden, in charge of the garden, and told him that he could eat the fruits from any tree in the garden except fruits from the tree of knowledge.

Soon God realised that the man was lonely. He had every beautiful thing in the garden, but there was one thing that he was missing. In all of the animals in the garden, the man could not find a suitable companion. Not even man’s best friend could fulfill the role. The man could appreciate all of God’s creation, but his appreciation was incomplete. He needed someone to share these wonders of the world with him. God resolved that He would create a companion for Him. While the man was in a deep sleep, God removed a rib from the side of the man and out of it, He created a companion for him. Someone like him. When He brought her to him, the man’s happiness knew no bounds. He called her woman, because out of him she was created. It was love at first sight. Soon thereafter, they were married. And the marriage officer? God Himself. And as he married them, He uttered the most famous words that have been echoed for thousand of years, “And that is why a man will leave his father and mother and is joined to his wife and the two are united into one. Adam and Eve did not have any clothes for their wedding, but they were not ashamed nor worried. They were just happy to be together. Two love birds, tied together by their love and respect for each other. They had no one else in the, but themselves. And they thanked God for giving them the marriage. That is the story of the first marriage according to the biblical account. The story of the first couple.


Points to take Home: God’s creations are not meant to be enjoyed alone. Neither are they meant to be alone. We all need a companion to walk with us along the journey. You cannot fully appreciate the wonders of creation if you do it alone. You need a spiritual companion with whom you can share your thoughts, fears admiration and understanding of God. Pray to God to help you find that companion with whom you can share your growth.


Please tell us what your opinions are on today’s scripture. It is found in the book of Genesis chapters 1 & 2. If you need any assistance in your spiritual journey, please do not hesitate to contact us in the comments below. IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING ANY difficulties in your relationship, there is a book that we recommend that you look at for guidance. Press Ctrl+Click (Ctrl and Click) on the link below to access the videos and if you are interested, you may even purchase the e-book: https://bit.ly/3fM0kx3

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