Jesus says that the Kingdom of God is Like a Hidden Treasure and a Beautiful Pearl.

  1. A Hidden Treasure:

And Jesus said: “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure that lies buried in a piece of land. Someone discovers the treasure, but immediately hides it again. Overwhelmed with happiness, he goes and sells everything that he owns in order to get enough money to buy that piece of land. He returns, purchases the land together with the hidden treasure.  He becomes the new owner of the land and the treasure”

2. A Pearl Merchant:

Again, the Kingdom of Heaven is like a pearl merchant who is looking for fine pearls. When he finds one that is exceptionally good, he goes and sells everything he has and buys that pearl”


3. Interpretation of the Parables.

God is represented as the hidden treasure or the valuable pearl.  In these parables, Jesus asks you to find God wherever He is hidden. And Whenever you find Him, “sell” everything that you own in order to secure the treasure. God can be found hidden in many things that will make our lives complete.

A young man was struggling with loneliness in his life when he met a beautiful and decent young woman who lived in his neighbourhood. He proposed love to her. She hesitated, but when he insisted, she agreed. He was convinced that he had finally found God in her. She made his life complete. He was so happy that he began preparations to leave everything he had in order to be with her. To his complete surprise, a few days later, she called him and told him that she no longer wanted to proceed with the relationship. She could not give any valid reasons for the sudden change of heart except for saying that she was engaged to someone else, which the young man could not believe as she had earlier told him that she was free and alone. The young man was so devastated because he was convinced that he had seen God in her and refused to accept that it was not possible for him to acquire the treasure which, according to him, was rightfully meant for him, but the young woman refused to see him or even to talk to him. The young man felt completely lost. He had lost the treasure which he valued so much. Does the story sound familiar? This sense of loss is how you should feel if and when you lose the treasure that Jesus refers to in these parables.

A young man and a young woman met at an early stage in their lives. They got married and lived together for many years during which they had three children. They were both teachers. Just when the man was about to go on retirement at the age of sixty, they decided to divorce. The treasure that they had discovered earlier in their lives remained hidden.  The pressures of life caused them to lose focus and they grew tired of each other. They no longer saw each other as the valuable treasure that they had discovered earlier in their lives and for which they gave up everything they had at that point in their lives. They could no longer see the prospect of living together as husband and wife after retirement.  They had found new treasures. The children had grown up and left home and were living their own lives. Nothing could make them see each other as the treasure that they once were. Often children can help us to appreciate the treasures that God has given us, but when the chicks leave the nest, we lose sight of the value of the treasure that we had found earlier in our lives. It should not be like that because it is that treasure that we value so much that will make the chicks to return to the nest from time to time.


Many people find their treasure in their children, which is again a very valuable treasure that God has given us. Whatever it is that makes you to see God, Jesus asks you in these parables to seek and find it and to treasure it so much that you are prepared to give up everything you have to get it. That way, if you look closer, you will see God in the treasures that you have just found.


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