Join us as we explore the story of creation, the Flood, the birth of the monotheistic religion and follow the children of Israel into Egypt, slavery in Egypt, their departure from Egypt some 400 years later, their journey through the Sinai desert and in the wilderness for forty years, their entry into Canaan, the rule by judges, the first kings of Israel, the divided kingdom, the prophets, the destruction of the 1st temple and exile into Babylon, the Persian rule, return from exile in 538 BC and the rebuilding of the temple. We will also look at the Greek period from Alexander’s entry in 333 BC, the Ptolemaic period (323-198 BC), the Seleucids (198-166 BC), the revolt by Judas Maccabeus against Greek rule and the rule by the Hasmoneans (166-63 BC). Roman rule (63 BC -1453 AD ), the ministry of John the Baptist, the birth of Jesus, his baptism and public ministry, his death and resurrection (6 BC-30 AD), the conversion and ministry of Paul, his final imprisonment 37 – 65 AD), successive Roman Emperors, Constantine the Great, the abdication of and the Fall of Constantinople in 1453 AD. the Dark Ages, the Renaissance, the protestant churches, the discovery of the new world, missionary work, the two world wars and the church today. This cover a period of over 4 000 years of history as it influenced Christianity.

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